Fallout: Intensive

Fallout: Intensive the first Fallout 4 exploration mod set during Pre-War and Post-War Untied Kingdom. Our playable world space is 16,384 exterior cells or roughly 23.16 miles of Prime European Wasteland for you to explore and discover. During your adventure, you'll meet new characters, enemies, factions & restore order to the chaotic deadly Intensive Wasteland.

We've been collaborating with KingVego a renowned Fallout fanart illustrator to help design all new assets for a variety of items such as Archives Vault Suits, Enemies such as the Dust-Devils & the Hogorn.

You can read our announcement technical document for more information about Fallout: Intensive and what we wish to accomplish when the project is finally released.

The Framework

Have you ever wondered what happened in other areas of the planet in Fallout Pre-War and Post-War? Well, you're in the right place, here at Rad Sheep Studios we've been collecting, browsing and filling in the in the gaps where Bethesda & J.E. Sawyer left off.

Currently, our focus has been on mainly European areas, e.g., the Untied Kingdom, France and Germany we plan on adding more countries to this list over time. The first framework version includes a lot of information regarding the UK in the Pre-War.

The framework is an attempt to standardise the Lore used in the Mod community regarding the Europe and other nations & will be open source information.