What is Fallout: Intensive?

Frequently asked questions

Fallout: Intensive is an upcoming expansion game modification for Bethesda Game Studios recent Fallout 4, this game modification is a brand new game in every way. We are aiming to recreate the feel of the American wastelands we've all come to love over years and bring it to a new continent and country to enhance the known Fallout Lore for the continent of Europe more specifically the United Kingdom. It will feature multiple new world spaces that are slightly bigger than the current one in Fallout 4, a brand new branching mainquest and sidequests, all new factions, weapons, armours, two new Protagonists & Antagonist who are yet to be revealed as well as new radio stations and much more. This will a brand new Fallout entry in its own right.

When will Fallout: Intensive be released?

Currently, we are unable to say when Fallout: Intensive will be released as of right now our team consists of one general developer (Rowan), one artist (KingVego) & one grammatical checker (Vault44) who consults on grammar errors. All of which are volunteers, we are currently not working on a set release date or internal release window as we don't want to rush the project in any way to avoid the loss of quality in our modification.

Will Fallout: Intensive be Lore Friendly?

We are aiming to recreate the European Wastelands as close as possible to the known lore we have at our disposal. This known lore consists of all cannon lore regarding the United Kingdom in the Pre-War and after the Great War but due to there not being too much readily available we've also gone and looked at non-cannon and semi-canon lore. Due to there being so little lore regarding the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe this has given us a lot of creative freedom & allowed us to fill in the blanks where Bethesda & J.E. Sawyer left off. Eventually, we are aiming for our modifications lore to be considered to be considered cannon & will be contacting Bethesda to hopefully make this a reality.

Will Fallout: Intensive be released on Consoles?

Currently, Fallout: Intensive will not be released on consoles due to the fact we will be using the Fallout 4 Script Extender, this isn't the only restriction for it to be released on consoles as both the Xbox One & PS4 have mod size limits and Sony will not let mods to be downloaded that utilize external assets. We are sorry for this inconvenience this may cause.

How much will Fallout: Intensive cost?

Fallout: Intensive is free new lands mod that isn't currently apart of Bethesda's Creation Club or apart of any paid mods program however if the opportunity arose to join the Creation Club program we may consider moving to that platform as the advantages it offers would further the development of Fallout: Intensive.

Will I have to start a new game?

Yes, in order to play Fallout: Inetsive you'll have to start a new game as the entire experience is separate from Fallout 4.

Will I be able to run Fallout: Intensive?

Any machine that is able to run Fallout 4 on medium graphical settings will be able to run Fallout: Intensive. We will be optimising all of our assets, environments & interiors for the performance of the game. We will be releasing recommended specs & settings nearer to the release date.